who we are

Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE) is an entirely student run organization dedicated to representing graduate and professional students across the nation. Established in 2008 at the University of Texas at Austin, SAGE is comprised of the governing bodies from public research universities across the nation.

What we do

Our motto, “Access, Affordability, Opportunity,” reflects our ambitions for advocacy on behalf of graduate students at the national level. Every annual session begins at our Fall Summit, where we determine our advocacy priorities and form working groups to research and compile white papers. This effort culminates in the spring Day on the Hill, where a delegation travels to Washington, D.C. to speak with Congressional members and staffers. Our white papers, which contain our vetted key talking points, guide the discussions.

our vision

The vision of Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE) is to represent and collaborate with graduate and professional student organizations at public R1 research universities across the nation.

our mission

The mission of Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE) is to:

IMPROVE the quality of graduate student life at their own campuses.

PROMOTE access, quality, and opportunity for graduate and professional students at the federal level.

Organizational Structure

SAGE is managed by an Executive Board comprised of a: Chair, Vice Chair, Political Director, Internal Affairs Director, and Communications Director. With the E-Board, Working Group Chairs lead efforts to complete the white papers. Finally, there are general delegates of the SAGE Coalition, who work to complete the white papers, share best practices between institutions, and attend both phone and in-person meetings.