Advocacy Issues

Gradate and professional students are a unique population in the education sector. Many people, including policy makers and government officials, don’t understand why graduate students choose to go to graduate school. While graduate students choose to go to graduate school for many reasons, they ultimately seek proper training to become the professional they strive to be. They seek a training that they cannot get anywhere else. They seek to work under respected professionals in their fields of interest. They seek an environment to learn and grow, not only educationally, but intellectually as well. If graduate students don’t speak up for what they need both at a local and federal level, then who will? The issues SAGE advocates for affect graduate students on a daily basis. SAGE advocates for issues ranging from immigration reform for our international peers, to increasing the federal budget for research, so graduate students can keep advancing their fields.

Do you have what it takes to be an advocate for your peers and fellow graduate students? Check our member institutions page to see if your institution participates with SAGE. Don’t see your institution listed? Reach out to to see how you can get your institution active.

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