Day on the Hill

Day on the Hill typically occurs in the early spring around mid April. Members from each active institution gather in Washington, D.C. and enjoy several days of advocacy training followed by putting those advocacy skills to the test and talking with senators and representatives from all over the US. Advocacy training generally includes expert guest speakers related to the white papers we have written and practicing advocacy pitches with the coalition. The first day of advocacy is SAGE day, where members from each institution are matched with members from other institutions in the coalition. In groups of four to five people, coalition members will attend meetings made for them on Capitol Hill where they will discuss the white papers the coalition worked on during the year. The next day is STATE day, where each institution will visit Senators and Representatives representing their home state, to discuss the white papers SAGE worked on during the year.

Fall Summit

Fall summit generally occurs mid fall between October and November. Members from each active institution gather in a different state every year. In 2018, Fall Summit was hosted by University of Texas at Austin. In 2019, the University of Arizona will host the coalition. Day one of Fall Summit is traditionally best practices and reports from the executive board. Day two addresses selecting working group topics and chairs for Day on the Hill. On either day, the coalition will vote on our annual Legislator of the Year award, which is presented to the selected legislator at Day on the Hill, in person. Any other SAGE voting or business will be taken care of on either day.